UCLA Writers Faire: Sunday, August 28, 2011

I will be participating in the 2011 UCLA Writers Faire, a festive day that features 24 free mini-classes and panel discussions in creative writing and screenwriting, hosted by Fall Writers’ Program instructors.  Please join me at the 11:00 AM panel discussion, “Creating Compelling Fictional Characters.” More information about this special day can be found at: […]

Writing Tip

A sympathetic character is not someone we necessarily like. Rather, what’s important is that we understand the goals and desires of that person, and the interior flaws that stop him or her from achieving those goals. Liking someone is subjective, but undertstanding the deeper level of the person is universal. Your writing voice, like your […]

Next UCLA Extension Writing Workshop

UCLA Extension Writers Program Beginning Monday, October 3rd 7pm – 10pm 10 weeks Course # X466.16 Reg. # W6917 Before You Begin the Novel: An Exploration of Character and Story Facing the blank page can be an intimidating experience. What is the universal theme you’re trying to communicate? What does the protagonist really want? In […]

Next Esalen Writing Workshop: September 25 – 30, 2011

Week of September 25-30, 2011 Deepening the Characters We Create: A Writing Workshop The characters we create can and will evolve into real people if we allow them to speak in their own voices without interference. But how do our characters turn into dynamic beings? How do they find their own truths? Through a series […]

Writing Workshop at the Language School in Mallorca, Spain

MIÉRCOLES 10 DE DICIEMBRE DE 2008 Creative Writing workshop On the 17th of October all intermediate and advanced students were invited to join a workshop on “Creative Writing” run by Professor Lisa Lieberman Doctor, screenwriter, writer and teacher of Creative Writing at the California State University. Students had to write for almost half an hour […]