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Lisa has been acknowledged by the authors listed below in their published books, for her contribution to the development of the work:

  • “Mind Your Business: A Hollywood Agent’s Guide to Your Writing Career” (2010) by Michele Wallerstein, Michael Wise Publishing.
  • “Manic” by Terri Cheney (Harper Collins 2008) New York Times Best Seller; Los Angeles Times Best Seller; London Times Best Seller
  • “The Dark Side of Innocence” by Terri Cheney (Atria/Simon & Schuster 2011)
  • “The Year The Gypsies Came” by Linzi Glass (Henry Holt & Co. 2006)
  • “Ruby Red” by Linzi Glass (Penguin Books 2007)
  • “Finding Danny” by Linzi Glass (Walden Pond Press 2010)
  • “Is This All There Is?” by Patricia Mann (Mannequin Publishing, 2013)
  • “Where Peace Lives” by Debbie Robins (Cambridge House Press, 2007)
  • “Wired for Story” by Lisa Cron (Ten Speed Press, 2012)
  • “Hooked” by Les Edgerton (Writers Digest Books, 2007)
  • “The Encyclopedia of Trauma and Traumatic Distress Disorders” by Ronald M. Doctor and Frank Shiromoto (Facts on File, 2009)
  • “A Child Is Torn: Innocence Lost” by Dawn Kopman Whidden Brighton Publishing LLC

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What students and clients are saying about their classes and consulting sessions with Lisa Lieberman Doctor …

“I learned more about me, my writing and my English knowledge in one day with Lisa and her method than in years of living. Looking forward to reading “Accidental Poetry” and to having the opportunity for a new lesson from her.”

“To be in one of Lisa’s Workshops was that kind of experience you remember all the year. Writing only for the pleasure of writing, experimenting with the feelings of your characters. Her method, putting the characters in extremely emotional situations, is a powerful experience.”

“Lisa is amazingly supportive and did her very best to address the needs of all the students. She is knowledgable, devoted (to both teaching and writing) and gave us a smattering of different approaches to consider. She was exceedingly patient and accommodating.”

“I was extremely satisfied with Lisa – she’s the best! She’s an incredibly gifted professor and mentor and has offered me invaluable feedback and guidance on my writing. She’s made the class such a rewarding experience. I can go on and on about how great she is.”

“Lisa is sympathetic, understanding, encouraging, and has a great sense of where we are and how we work (and sometimes struggle) as writers. I found her comments to be insightful and helpful.”

“Lisa is quite adept at bringing the best out of the students and offering insightful feedback and guidance to better our stories.”

“(Lisa is) knowledgable, encouraging, direct.”

“(Lisa’s) comments are consistently insightful and instructional.”

Lisa Doctor is an incredible teacher because she cares so deeply — not just about language and the process of writing, but about each and every one of her students. She is particularly well-versed in plot and structure, as a result of her many years’ experience in the entertainment industry. You emerge from her classes a better writer and a happier human being. — Terri Cheney, author of the New York Times bestseller Manic: A Memoir

If you want to be the best writer you can be, you must work with Lisa. She’s simply the best. — Bridget Sampson, President, Sampson Communication Consulting

I wouldn’t have had three books published if I had not been a part of Lisa’s Tuesday night writing group for seven years. Her ongoing workshops are pure gold!  —Linzi Glass, author of “The Year the Gypsies Came,” “Ruby Red,”and “Finding Danny.”

Encouragement, constructive criticism and accountability, three things that keep a writer writing and progressing, all orchestrated by Lisa in a warm group environment. — J.W.

Lisa’s writing class is very inspiring — Nadia Natali

Many of Lisa’s students have their work published — G.W.

Insight, generosity, solid tacks; it’s a privilege to be in this room — M. Freeman

Lisa is an expert in the craft and a true champion of writers — Kevin Brewerton

Lisa Doctor creates a supportive environment where writers are encouraged to write from their own voice — Kate Noonan

The depth of communion in the group is delicious! — k.l.

Lisa Doctor is a writer’s muse on steroids. After being in her presence for even a few minutes all blocks are dissolved and the ecstatic river of creativity is unleashed. —Kelly Sullivan Walden, author of “I Had The Strangest Dream”

Working with Lisa is a truly enjoyable way of writing a book from start to finish. You provide the pages. She provides the audience and the spot on advice. — K.L.

I can think of no warmer, more supportive environment than Lisa Doctor’s living room for novelists to learn and ply their craft. — Anna Lefler

Lisa is a womb of inspiration that we are nurtured in, fed by, guided through and birthed into our best selves as writers and people. I own a piece of her couch, I cried all over it. I exposed myself under flourescent lights, naked on a lazy Susan and I made the most intimate friendships. I am forever touched, changed and see the world through the leaps I make through a million tiny details… I simply love the bejeebers out of her. — J.Sutton

(She) was a goldmine. A great instructor, and an equally good listener.

Instructor’s methods and real world experience were very valuable resources. She has an amazing capacity for keeping everybody’s projects in mind and gives very clear and helpful insight.

Lisa had an impeccable memory for the details of students’ work and could provide highly specific customized feedback.

I thought the instructor did a great job. Each class was interesting and her probing questions to the writers helped us examine our work more carefully and thoroughly.

Lisa created a wonderful environment for the class.  Always well prepared, interested in our work and very encouraging! I learned more than I hoped.

The instructor’s enthusiasm for writing was refreshing and quite inspiring!

Questions aimed at my characters proved challenging and perfect to get more depth from them.

I loved the course. Lisa is great at analyzing characters and assisting the writer to better understand character motivations and layers. She is great at delivering constructive criticism. She always considers the writer and delivers helpful insight.

The instructor was outstanding. She asked stimulating questions and always offered wonderful and thorough feedback. I look forward to taking another course with her.

She was both professional and encouraging toward me as a writer. She was also able to push me to accomplish more.

This was the best of all my Esalen workshop experiences. Leader prepared, skilled, organized, useful information, approachable, fun, funny, sensitive to the needs of the group. – D.C.

Leader enthusiastic and supportive with good questions and consciousness.

The workshop was utterly outstanding, well designed, flowing and intensely educational and gratifying. Lisa is a master teacher and listener and has a complete grasp of her work in helping people develop characters for their novel or screenplay.

Excellent workshop. I will certainly come back next year. – J.N.

Excellent. It surpassed my expectation. I began the week writing external descriptions of the character I’m working on for my memoir and by the end of the workshop I am now more aware of the inner world of the character. He has now come alive with amazing depth of emotions and musings. He feels real. Amazing process! Extraordinarly gifted teacher! – M.C.

The focused exercises designed by Lisa…produced some deep and productive writing by all the participants.

Loved the workshop. Learned so much from Lisa. I would love to come back for her next one.

Returned after Lisa’s 2011 workshop to do more with her. She is an excellent teacher, guiding, pushing, intuitive, and individualizes her questions to each participant re their character. I will be back next year!

Lisa deserved an A+ for her total commitment and focus on each participant – Amazing!
Excellent! Lisa, the instructor, was very knowledgeable, caring and talented. She really brought together the group in an amazingly successful way. – Bill

Just wonderful! Lisa is a highly skilled teacher who enlivens the work, the room and the group. She is a real teacher and brought everyone in the group to new creative levels of writing and character development.

Great leadership from Lisa! Just the right size group for writing workshop.

I loved Lisa’s expert and valuable coaching and benefitted by the intimacy we shared in hearing each person’s writing in the group. It was a perfect way to relax, learn and have fun while doing personal growth at the same time. – D. B.

Wonderful – great opportunity to listen to fabulous story tellers, great direction and feedback from Lisa – and endless opportunities to write from the soul.  – S. B.

Excellent workshop, leader and participants. All so giving! – C. D.

Small and real.

The best aspect of this week was the writing workshop I attended. Lisa Doctor is an incredible instructor/facilitator. Her talent combined with her maternal nature provided all of us writers with a safe harbor to share our experiences and grow our skills. – N.

I didn’t come here with a lot of expectations. I had hope of moving past a block with writing. What I received was so much more than I could have anticipated. I attribute much of this to my workshop leader. She was kind, genuine, educated, helpful. I felt how deeply she wanted to help and she did! Please have her here every chance you get. What she does for others is powerful and transformative! –J.

She exceeded my expectations. I felt such grace, personal attention, expertise in her field, and authenticity. She loves being here and it flowed over on us. – M.

I must say this has been my favorite workshop! I really feel I made leaps forward. Lisa sets such a loving, inspirational environment. Everyone in the group has been great!

Lisa was a delightful instructor. She made the experience both enjoyable and productive.

This was an incredible experience. I am most grateful for the guidance of this brilliant group leader. She imparted a huge amount of knowledge on the craft while inspiring support and encouragement. I believe everyone in the group was enriched practically and spiritually. It was a treat to be here this week. – S.

Lisa sets a loving, inspirational environment.

The workshop was true to its description of staying focused on character development. Lisa made the experience both productive and enjoyable.

This was an incredible experience. I am most grateful for the guidance of this brilliant group leader. She imparted a huge amount of knowledge on the craft while inspiring support, encouragement and I believe every person in the group was enriched practically as well as spiritually. It was a treat to be part of this week.

Lisa has the skill to establish a supportive container for people to write what’s important for them, and the facility to elicit their best work. This was a most successful workshop for me and all other attendees. The quality of the writings of everyone was most impressive, and Lisa was a major factor in that.

Lisa’s class has been a phenomenal experience. She is an excellent instructor. She knows her craft well and even better, she is adroit at diseminating it to the workshop participants. She is organized, focused, the class moves, time management – they are all stellar. The class has the potential to change my life. I’m so excited about my future writing as a result of this workshop.

Lisa created a safe place for us to write and share our work. She provided us with exercises that were individualized to each writer’s character and story. The workshop allowed for us to form an intimate community of writers with ample time for each of us to get feedback. Lisa was adept at pointing out strengths, making suggestions, and utilizing teaching moments to further us as writers.

Amazing. Lisa is a phenomenal tutor, so inspiring, experienced and encouraging, and the best tutor I’ve ever had by far. I would love to take a workshop with her again. My book has made much progress!

Lisa is both an amiable and diligent teacher who draws from a huge toolbox to help writers flesh out characters. I appreciated her phenomenal personalization of the writing prompts, the great space she created, and her professionalism. Yay! Not to mention I wrote sixty pages.

The workshop was exceptional and Lisa was outstanding. She created a safe, encouraging space for all to do their best work. On break, she would spend her time thinking up specific questions for each of the participants. These questions were extremely insightful and the effect was (for) the writing to go deeper and the development of character a joy to discover.

Workshop was excellent with caring, attentive leader; individualized writing assignments; focused on the craft of deepening characters. Enriching both from the literary standpoint as well as personally.

One of the best workshops I’ve attended here at Esalen, not just because of my love of writing, but by the skillful and powerful way Lisa guided our group through the characters we wrote about and learned to love, and molded our group into a caring family where we listened with rapt attention and compassion to each other’s characters, stories and lives. Deeply powerful workshop.

Excellent group facilitation.

Outstanding, knowledgeable, compassionate – led the group that became a family. Learned new skills. She is an excellent leader. I would return to Esalen just to attend a workshop with her.

Lisa Doctor is a terrific teacher — knowledgeable, nurturing, patient, and a lovely person too! I came here specifically to work on this aspect of my writing, and I am very pleased with what I am taking home. Highly, highly recommended!!

FABULOUS workshop. One of the best I’ve had. I wish Lisa could be here for a month long workshop. She individualized the assignments, inspired us with creative questions to write about our characters, and gave encouraging feedback. I felt enormous support from her.

Wonderful! Lisa and the Esalen facilities created a welcoming and nurturing environment in which to expose and deepen the fascinating characters within each of us. This was the best workshop I’ve taken to date.

The writings of the group members were at a level only possible in a co-created safe space, ably facilitated by Lisa. She also provided an effective dose of ‘craft’ ideas/suggestions in addition to the creative impetus of her prompts, individually tailored to each writer.

Lisa is very personable and an excellent facilitator.

Unbelievable. Lisa was an amazing leader, the workshop was very educational, the group was wonderful…all in all a great experience. Lisa Doctor was nurturing, supportive and very competent. She led the group beautifully and created a safe environment for us all to share. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet her and spend 5 days with her.

Lisa is a very skilled facilitator. She individualizes the teaching; she tracked all of our stories, and gave us great advice on structure, and writing a novel/short story. Our group jelled well, and it was a wonderful experience. I would return to study with Lisa.

Lisa is amazing. She inspires, motivates and nurtures in her approach to this workshop. Our group, in the course of seven days – bonded and all grew under her wonderful guidance, confident that our ability to write both valid and possible. I do not want to leave! Esalen is heaven on earth. I would gladly return to take another workshop with Lisa.

“I love the method Lisa Doctor uses to impart her vast knowledge of structuring story and creating compelling characters. Lisa has a great way of simplifying complex ideas. Her ideas made people’s stories come alive!”

“Lisa Doctor knows how to teach. Her enthusiasm is infectious.”

“She has great insights.”

“Wonderful professor! Very passionate and invested in her students and their stories. She gets to know our characters and makes sure what we are writing is consistent with who our protagonist is.”

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